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Some forms of banking seem like a great idea but have hidden fees. Many people do not use banks for the bulk of their financial transactions, and instead prefer to use cash. Neighborhood check-cashing establishments are another option. These establishments offer pay cards to make it easy to access direct deposits from an employer or deposit funds from a check. You can even purchase money orders for rent or mailed bills, even though there are easier ways to pay bills. Some people have not applied to open a bank account in years. Here are a few ways to benefit from a new checking account if you have been thinking about opening a bank account.

To apply for a checking account, you can simply visit a local bank of your choice. Banks often have limited hours and can require an appointment for some services. Online applications for checking accounts can be completed in a few minutes. There are checking accounts that will be approved for those with less-than-perfect credit.

Escaping predatory check-cashing establishments may not be on the radar for many people. People who have had a negative experience with a bank in the past may have gone years without a checking account. Pay card users are shocked when they receive high fees for certain transactions. Free checking account alternatives make it easy to avoid these costs.

Prepaid bank cards often have fees that are much higher than a free checking account. Debit cards are issued for free checking accounts at no added cost. Checking accounts make it easier to move on from money orders. Keeping larger bills on autopilot is one way to have less stress near bill time. Many landlords prefer their tenants to pay their bills online. Mortgage companies will allow for phone and online payments with a checking account. Checking accounts work well for avoiding the hassle of money orders or bank checks.

There usually are a few requirements that need to be met for the checking account to be free. You may need to deposit and keep a certain amount in your account, be a student, service member, or public servant, or work for a certain local employer. There are flexible options for starting a checking account online. Researching fees in non-traditional banking sources makes it easy to make the switch to a checking account. Use these tips when investigating checking accounts to make the right decision for you.

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