3 Tips For Working With A Bail Bond Agent

When you get in trouble with the law and need to get out of jail, you are going to need to work with a bail bond agent in order to get out of jail. If this is your first time working with a bail bond agent, here are a few tips for getting through the process.

Figure Out How Much Bail You Owe

The first thing you need to do is figure out how much bail you owe. For many crimes that are not considered that serious or severe, there is often a pre-set bail schedule. The pre-set bail schedule is in place to help streamlines the bail process.  

If you committed a crime that doesn't have a pre-set bail amount, you are going to have to wait until you appear in front of a judge to request bail and learn what the bail amount is going to be.

Figure Out the Bail Bond Fee in Your State

Bail bond fees are generally set by state rules. Look up the state rules and find out what the bail bond fee is for your state. In the vast majority of states, 10% is the average fee that a bail bond agent can charge you. It is important to note that a few states actually prohibit the use of surety bail bonds, which is the type of bail bond offered by bond agents.

Find a Bail Bond Agent

Now you need to find a bail bond agent. There are a few ways to find the right agent. You can run an online search for a bail agent. You can ask the local courthouse to recommend a bail bond agent. You can ask your defense attorney to recommend a bail bond agent to work with as well, or you can ask your friends or family members for a recommendation. You could also ask the detention officer for a recommendation as well.

You can hire an individual bail bond agent, or you can hire a bail bond agency. A bail bond agency has an entire staff who can help you, and they will make sure to keep all of your information private.

If you find yourself in trouble with the law, first you need to figure out how much money you owe. Then you need to figure out the bail bond fee in your state, and finally find a bail bond agent or agency to work.

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