How To Help Your Spouse If He Or She Gets Wrongly Accused And Arrested For A Crime

Was your spouse falsely accused of committing a crime and then arrested? While the case may be far from over, the judge might have set bail. If the judge set your spouse's bail, he or she would be able to get out of jail for the time being until the trial takes place and the verdict is read to your loved one. If you truly believe this is a big misunderstanding and you have your spouse's back during this difficult time, you should be prepared to help him or her in any way that you can while putting up a fight for justice.

Be Prepared to See a Bail Bondsman 

The most important thing that you may want to do before you do anything else is meet with a bail bondsman to get the funds you need to bail this person out. Although bail may be set in the thousands, only a small percentage of it must be paid. In fact, you will probably only need to pay around 10% of the full amount of the bail that was set by the judge, making it much more realistic and feasible for you to pay.

When you visit with the bail bondsman, you must sign some paperwork stating that you are providing bail for your significant other. When you sign that agreement, you are stating that the defendant is going to come to court whenever he or she has court dates. If a defendant misses court for a reason that is not considered a legitimate emergency, bail may be taken back, and then the defendant would end up back in jail while awaiting the date for the trial.

Find a Good Defense Lawyer With Availability

After you have bailed your spouse out of jail, you will need to find a good defense lawyer. A defense lawyer specifically handles cases where the client is accused of a crime, even if he or she did not commit that crime. You will need to take quite a few things into consideration when selecting a defense lawyer to help your spouse seek justice after he or she has been wrongly accused of being involved in such a serious crime. These things include:

  • How much does the lawyer charge for the defense services?
  • What is the success rate of the defense lawyer?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the lawyer after meeting for a consultation?
  • Have you read any good reviews on this legal professional?

You will need to work on finding an affordable defense lawyer with a high success rate that makes you feel comfortable and has good reviews from other clients.

If your spouse was wrongly accused and even arrested for a crime that he or she was not involved in, you may want to do anything possible to help him or her get out of this trying situation. There are ways to help, which may include posting bail with a bail bondsman and then hiring a good defense lawyer. Having a good lawyer to help with the case is the best way for your spouse to try to beat the charges. 

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