3 Places Where You Can Find 24/7 Bail Bonds

Bail bond services typically only operate when courts are in session and jails are open (i.e., Monday through Friday, 8 am or 9 am until late afternoon/early evening). However, there are some 24/7 bail bonds services. These unique services exist only in certain areas, and only for certain reasons, as the following will attest. 

1. Major Cities

If the city contains more than a half million people, you are more likely to find these 24/7 bail bond shops. That is because there are already so many bail bond agents in a city that large that only agents with a competitive edge and a little extra something to offer can manage to stay in business. Additionally, since not all bail bond agents are willing to answer their business phones in the dead of night, you should have no trouble finding one of these 24/7 agents to secure a bail bond.

2. In Cities Where Night Court Is a Real Thing

In cities where the courts' hearings are overbooked during the day, night courts have taken over to help process cases faster. If you live where night court is a real and nightly thing, bail bond agents offering 24/7 services follow closely behind. When you need to spring a family member from night court jail, you can and will find a bail bond agent available at all odd hours of the night.

3. In Really Small Cities Where There Is Only One Bail Bond Agent

Bail bond agents who live and work in really small cities have an advantage. They are typically the only bond agents in those cities, automatically (and by default) making them 24/7 agents. If this applies to your small city or town, you probably already know your local bond agent and can ring him/her up whenever you need to. Of course, most small city courts are only open during the week, and the jails are closed to the public overnight and on weekends. (However, the sooner you secure the bail bond, the sooner the agent can visit the jail the next business day.)

Online Searches

When you are trying to find your 24/7 bail bond agent, online searches are the way to go (unless you already know the agent because he/she is the only one in town).  In really big cities, there will be a handful. Work your way through the online search results until an agent picks up his/her phone and answers.

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