Four Tips To Begin Your Coin Collection With Silver Coins

If you want to start collecting coins, silver can be a great investment. Many silver coins are worth much more than their face value. This makes silver a great investment that you may want to consider if you are looking to invest in coins. Here are some tips to help you begin your coin collecting with investments in silver coins:

1. Collectors Coins That Are Worth More Than Their Weight

The weight of silver is an important thing to consider when investing in coins. There are some coins that are worth more than their weight, due to the desirability or mint. Some coins, like American Eagle Coins, are worth a lot to collectors and are mined every year. Other countries and mints also produce coins annually, which makes these coins a good starting investment.

2. Semi Collectible Coins From Limited Mint Sets 

There are also semi-collectible coins that can be collected. These can be things like proof sets, which are coins that are minted to test dies before production. There are a limited number of these coins, and sometimes they may have defects or errors that make them rarer and desirable to collectors. You can also get coins that are special series that may have a limited production.

3. Common Silver Coins That Are Available For Their Face Value

You can buy many silver coins for their face value and not by their weight. These are often minted coins that contain a lot of silver, but are not pure silver that is found in bullion coins. These coins can sometimes be rare and collectible. They may also be worth more for their weight in silver than what you are going to pay for their face value, which can make them a great investment for those just getting started with coin collecting.

4. Silver Bullion Coins Sold For The Weight For Investment

If you want to invest in bullion, common silver mints can be a good investment. This is usually silver that is .999 fine silver, which means that it is 99.9% pure. You can count on the price of pure silver bullion going up, making it a good investment. Many mints around the world sell these coins in yearly mint productions and you can buy them at the market price of silver.

These are some tips to help you start investing in coins. If you are ready to begin your coin collection, contact a gold and silver buyers (like Wimpey's Pawn Shop) to talk with them about making your first coin purchase.

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